Why does China need feminism? Numbers show that women have it worse than men in China.

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- Experts claim that gender imbalance is actually widening up and the consequences of selective breeding are still evident in China. Many studies corroborate that women have it worse than men in China. 

- There are 37 million more Chinese men than women in China, where millions of baby girls were simply never born, they have been aborted by families who prefer to have sons. The one-child policy has left China short of 50 million women. 

About 13 million abortions occur annually or about 1,500 every hour on average.

- Over the past 40 years Chinese officials have performed 330 million abortions, sterilized nearly 200 million men and women, and inserted 400 million intra-uterine devices, in many cases, these operations were forced.

Source: China's Health Ministry

- Every 4 minutes in China, a woman kills herself . 56% of all female suicides worldwide take place in China.

- In 2012, women made up 49.6 % of undergraduate students, but they must score higher than men to get in to the university because they face unofficial but widespread gender quotas and gender-based admission scores that favor men.

- In 2007, the word Shengnu enters the Chinese lexicon. “Leftover” women, unmarried women over the age of 27.

- 92% of men believe that a woman should be married before the age of 27.

Source: China's Women’s Federation.

- Only 30% of marital home deeds in China's biggest cities include the woman's name, even though over 70% of women contribute to the marital home purchase.

Source: 2012 survey by Horizon China of home buying in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

- 95% of corrupt officials had illicit affairs, usually paid for, and 60 % of them had kept a mistress.

Source: Crisis Management Centre at Renmin University in Beijing, 2012.

- 24.7% of Chinese women have admitted experiencing abuse, assault, restriction of personal freedom, economic control, and/or forced sex during marriage. Women are more at risk of rape from a partner than a stranger. Over 50% of Chinese men admitted having had physically or sexually abused their partners in the past.

Sources: Tianjin Normal University, Gender-Based violence Survey 2013. [Part of a WHO multi-country study.] and Third National Survey of Women's Social Status in China conducted in 2010by the National Bureau of Statistics and the All China Women's Federation [These figures are likely to understate the problem due to the common underreporting of domestic violence due to traditional norms that suggest domestic violence is a private affair and acceptable behaviour.]


- Slut-shaming’ is a regular habit on the Chinese internet: women exposed by angry ex-boyfriends or lovers’ wives have found themselves the target of a vast wave of abuse, including messages sent to their workplace or their parents.

- Three of the world's five wealthiest women own assets of over $1 billion are from China.

Source: Hurun China's Women Rich List 2013

- China’s urban employment rate for working-age women fell to a new low of 60.8 percent in 2010, down from 77.4 percent 20 years earlier. The 2010 rate was 20.3 percentage points lower than that of men. 

Source: China Census 2010.

- 1 in 4 women was denied a job due to their gender. 

Source: 2009 Peking University, Center for Women's Law and Legal Service

- The taller a woman is, the higher her salary. 1 cm = 1.5 - 2.2 % increase in salary.

Source: Study by two researchers from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology. 

- Among adult women aged 45 and over, a full 39 percent have no schooling, compared to just 11.8 percent of men. Older women are much more likely to be in poor health than men.

Source: China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS).

- Much of China believes women should take the back seat in society. China's feminists strive for gender equality online, at universities and grassroots groups but they don't have a strong, united voice.

Source: All China Women Federation

- The lack of female representation in China's communist party has been a consistent problem since its inception. It's easier for Chinese women to become astronauts than members of the Standing Committee. 

- Among the 2,268 delegates to the 18th Communist Party Congress on Nov 2012 in Beijing, there were 521 women (22,6%), which represented an increase of 76 from the last such event, held in 2007 but only 10 out of the 205 members in the latest Central Committee are women.

- China ranks 69th in the world in Gender Equality with Asian neighbours Japan and Korea coming in at a woeful 101st and 108th position respectively.

Source: World Economic Forum Survey.

- But experts warn: job market discrimination combined with traditional obligations to heterosexual marriage and filial commitment is putting women's rights at risk. Education and political representation are priorities in order to close the Chinese gender gap.